June 6th – Riesel Fair Parade, line up 6 pm at Urbanke Gym in Riesel

Saturday, June 8th, National Democratic Training Committee training at University High School. 9 am to 5 pm. Have to sign up on this link: www.txdem.co/wacotraining.com

Activities for Juneteenth parade. Saturday, June 15th, starts at 9am at the Quinn College on Elm street, going towards the Brazos. There will be a cookout and other activities. Voter registration will be held at these events.

1st Democratic Presidential debates, Tuesday June 26th and Wednesday June 27th. On MSNBC/NBC, times more details to come from them.

June 17 – Shorty’s Pizza /CEC Barnstormers debrief and training. 5:30 pm.


September 14th, Saturday – 2nd Annual Richards/Jackson Dinner. Fundraiser for MCDP and TDW of Central Texas. Will be held at Texas Sports Hall of Fame here in Waco. More info to come.