One of the most successful TDP projects in improving our position in 2016 was the huge increase in Democratic seniors voting by mail across Texas. TDP will mail right after January 1, 2018 an application to seniors who we believe are our Democratic voters.

The mailers are pre-populated with all the information needed to qualify for a vote by mail ballot. The senior only must sign and mail the application.

These costs include: printing and postage of the application, at least one robo call alerting the senior to watch for and return the application when they are mailed, and for those seniors with cell phones, a text message with the same info.

Those receiving applications will be listed as a target in VAN. You will have scripts for calling and chasing the applications AND the ballots. We will track which seniors have returned an application through the USPS and upload that info in the VAN.

We have two plans for funding: a Basic Plan & a Cadillac Plan.

Basic Plan are seniors who are Democrats and have voted by mail in the past (and any other senior in the same household). In order to continue this voting behavior, we want to make sure all of these people receive an application before the Democratic Primary.
Cadillac Plan are seniors in the basic plan plus any other senior who has a Democratic score above 60. This is an expansion universe attempting to get more seniors to use a vote by mail option.

We are asking, at a minimum, that each county raise enough money to cover the Basic Plan. Hopefully, you will be able to raise enough to completely cover the Cadillac Plan in your county.

Goal #1: Fund Basic level of applications in your county
Goal #2: Fund Cadillac level of expansion in your county
MONEY DUE: December 1st
Commitment made: ASAP let Glen know what level you expect to do!

Money can come from multiple sources: county party funds, donations from Democratic clubs, candidates or elected officials, or bundled checks from various personal donors.

Checks made payable to: Texas Democratic Party (Note on the check “Vote by Mail” and county.)

Online payment or donations may be made at this link:

Texas Retired Teachers Association

Pastors for Texas Children

School Funding

Texas Parent Pac

Texas Legislature Online- Bill Tracking

Texas Freedom Network Home Page

Equality Texas

Texas Tribune on school funding

Texas State Teachers Association